About Jessica

World peace has a whole new meaning when it comes to Jessica Labbe’s mission to inspire people to chill out. She helps others master the ability to calm the mind, and offers strategies to implement off the mat into every day life. Both beginner and experienced students that flock to her classes include those recovering from illness or injury, women trying to conceive, people looking for rest or improved sleep, athletes wanting to shorten recovery time, people working on increasing range of motion and flexibility, those who spend extended periods of time at a desk or in the car and anyone in need of recharging their batteries.

Evaluating thousands of spines in the seven years she spent as a chiropractic assistant has given Jessica plenty of experience to efficiently assess the safety of her students in postures. She also brings a soothing, professionally-trained voice to her classes, with 15 years of commercial and online radio and voice-over experience, to enhance the calming atmosphere she strives to deliver.

As an amateur raw food chef and nutrition expert, Jessica shares her love of creating health as her alias, The Organic Housewife. She offers easy recipes, earth-friendly tips and other unique ideas for living naturally. Jessica has mentored women one-on-one from around the globe with improving their diets, increasing their energy and losing weight. She also spent over three years inspiring others as a co-host for an online radio show called For The Health Of It. Be on the lookout for her ongoing workshops on raw makeup and skincare, juicing and other healthful topics.